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PowerSync SDK for React Native

PowerSync is a service and set of SDKs that keeps Postgres databases in sync with on-device SQLite databases.

This package (packages/react-native) is the PowerSync SDK for React Native clients. It is an extension of packages/common.

See a summary of features here.


Install Package

npx expo install @powersync/react-native

Install Peer Dependency: SQLite

This SDK currently requires @journeyapps/react-native-quick-sqlite as a peer dependency.

Install it in your app with:

npx expo install @journeyapps/react-native-quick-sqlite

Install Polyfills


This SDK requires HTTP streaming in order to function. The following fetch polyfills are required for the React Native implementation of fetch:

  • react-native-fetch-api
  • react-native-polyfill-globals
  • react-native-url-polyfill
  • text-encoding
  • web-streams-polyfill@3.2.1

These are listed as peer dependencies and need to be added to the React Native project

npx expo install react-native-fetch-api react-native-polyfill-globals react-native-url-polyfill text-encoding web-streams-polyfill@3.2.1 base-64 react-native-get-random-values@1.9.0

Enable the polyfills in React Native app with

// App.js
import 'react-native-polyfill-globals/auto';

Babel Plugins: Watched Queries

Watched queries require support for Async Iterators. Expo apps currently require polyfill and Babel plugins in order to use this functionality.

npx expo install @azure/core-asynciterator-polyfill

Make sure to import the polyfill early in your application

// App.js
import '@azure/core-asynciterator-polyfill';

Install the async generator Babel plugin

pnpm add -D @babel/plugin-transform-async-generator-functions

Add the Babel plugin to your babel.config.js file

module.exports = function (api) {
return {
presets: [...],
plugins: [
// ... Other plugins

Native Projects

This package uses native libraries. Create native Android and iOS projects (if not created already) by running:

npx expo run:android
# OR
npx expo run:ios

Getting Started

Our SDK reference contains everything you need to know to get started implementing PowerSync in your project.


A changelog for this SDK is available here.

API Reference

The full API reference for this SDK can be found here.


For example projects built with PowerSync and React Native, see our Demo Apps / Example Projects gallery. Most of these projects can also be found in the demos/ directory.

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